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  • What is an EPC ?

LogoAs part of the UK Government’s commitment to reducing the country’s carbon emissions, to help in the fight against global warming, everyone who wants to sell or rent out a house or flat must now have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for the property before it can be marketed.

The EPC grades all properties in the same way that items such as cars, fridges and washing machines are now graded, from “A” (most energy efficient) to “G” (least energy efficient). The Certificate will also provide an estimate of the projected yearly costs of providing comfortable heating, lighting and hot water in the property and any steps that can be taken to improve the energy rating of the property.

  • Why Do I Have to Provide One ?

LogoGovernment advisors have calculated that over half of the UK’s carbon emissions are generated by domestic households and that any attempt to reduce the national carbon footprint must concentrate first on homes.

The production of the EPC is designed to enable prospective buyers and tenants to make an informed choice on which property they wish to live in, based partly on how “green” a property is and how expensive they anticipate it will be to run that home.

Simply put, the Government believes that over time, property owners will have to invest in better energy efficiency measures in order to attract buyers and tenants and those that don’t will be unable to sell or rent out their property as the market place swings towards energy efficient homes and that this process will lead to significant improvements in our national environment.

  • How Long Does an EPC Last ?

LogoAn EPC lasts for ten years, unless you make a significant change to the property during that ten year period. Changes include replacing any non-condensing boiler with a condensing boiler, upgrading insulation and/or windows (i.e. replacing single glazed windows with double glazed units), or carry out major works of construction, such as an extension, loft conversion etc.

Your local Council Building Control office will be able to confirm which works will require a new EPC. However, please remember that at the moment, this only usually applies to properties that are going to be sold or rented out.

  • How Much Will It Cost Me ?

LogoThe EPC will cost £65.00 for flats and houses, with discount for blocks of flats. At the moment, you do not have to carry out any of the recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your property, so this is the only cost. Normally, the inspection will take 30 – 40 minutes to complete.


For further information from the Government, please follow these links

We are accredited Domestic Energy Assessors – No. RICS200480 * n.b. at the moment, we are not VAT registered, so the above prices are the full price that you would pay.


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